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    Initial sign up for a BlueJeans meeting hosting account

    A Self-Service BlueJeans Collaboration account will be automatically created and populated when you first login to the Georgia Tech BlueJeans site at with your SSO credentials. If you cannot access your BlueJeans account utilizing your Georgia Tech SSO credentials, open a ticket at for assistance. Please consult BlueJeans Product Support for all other issues or concerns with regards to the delivery of the BlueJeans service.

    Limited storage capacity for meeting recordings

    Storage for recorded WebEx sessions is currently capped at 500 MB. Approximately 2 hours of WebEx recording with video, or 15 hours without video. WebEx is not intended for long-term storage of WebEx recordings. Please export your recordings for long term archival purposes.

    Meetings can include both Georgia Tech faculty/staff/students and outside entities

    By default anyone with the link (or Meeting number) and password may attend a BlueJeans Meeting. As part of the advanced scheduling options, a meeting host can require that attendees register.

    Max number of participants

    Up to 150 participants can join a BlueJeans Meeting in the GT deployment.

    How many active video cameras or VoIP microphones can there be?

    Each WebEx meeting can have 6 active video cameras. Only 7 VOIP microphones can be active.

    What is the meeting number and where do I find it?

    The meeting number is a nine-digit unique identifier that allows you to enter the correct meeting when calling in to a WebEx session. The meeting number also allows you to join a meeting for which you do not have a link. You’ll still need to supply the password, if it has been set for the specific meeting.

    The Meeting number is found in your WebEx email invitation. It can also be found on the Meeting Info tab within a WebEx session. Or ask the meeting host for the Meeting number.

    Accessing previously recorded content

    In Meeting Center, in the left-hand menu, under Host a Meeting, select My Recorded Meetings.

    BlueJeans can be used from anywhere that you have an internet connection

    Depending on the speed of your connection, you may experience some loss of quality or other issues.

    Poor internet connection can affect your meeting experience

    Using a non-business class Internet connection, such as a home DSL, hotel, cafe, or airport wireless can cause issues. Video may slow down or audio may drop out, especially when sharing content. If you are on a marginal connection, try turning off your video, especially if you are sharing content.

    More than one individual can host a meeting

    Once a WebEx session has started, you can make someone else the host. If you are the original host, you can also reclaim host privileges after you have transferred them by using the Host Key or by leaving the meeting then re-entering.

    Another option is to designate alternate host(s). This allows you to set up other individuals with the same privileges as yours for a specific meeting. This is very useful for meetings you may or may not be able to attend, especially recurring meetings. In order to do so, you will need to populate these persons into your contacts list (Login -> My WebEx ->My Contacts). Now when you populate the "Attendees" box you can click on "Address book." A new window will pop up and you can now invite someone as an "Attendee" or "Alternative Host."

    A number of smartphones have apps for WebEx

    See the current list on the WebEx site.

    When connecting to a meeting via a smartphone app, you will use VoIP

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio is only available on devices using the Android operating system and Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

    BlueJeans is not a replacement for other video conferencing solutions as each has its strengths.

    BlueJeans can replace the video chat and features of Skype or Lync. A key difference between WebEx with Lync and some other video chat clients is that they offer instant messaging (IM) with the option to escalate to a video chat. The GaTech instance of WebEx does not have chat available outside of an active meeting. A WebEx meeting will need to be scheduled for any collaborative meeting. You can, however, start a “one-click meeting” that is instant instead of scheduling in advance.

    You do not need purpose built video conferencing equipment such as a Cisco C40 to use BlueJeans

    In many situations BlueJeans can replace video conferencing. BlueJeans offers video, audio, and content sharing. Users can connect from almost any location, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and conference rooms and classrooms. There are specific requirements needed in order for BlueJeans to function well in a conference room or classroom and greatly depend on your use case. Please consult with your support staff for the classroom or conference room you intend to use for assistance.

    Technical Requirements


    • All USB Webcams and speaker/microphones have field of view and distance limitations.  
    • There will be a limitation on the furthest distance a participant can be from the camera, the microphone, and the display.  
    • Speaker/microphones must provide echo cancellation capabilities to enable clear and intelligible audio.
    • Examples of devices suitable for BlueJeans audio use cases include the ClearOne Chat50 and Chat150 offerings.

    Conference Setup and Operating Guidelines

    • The laptop/desktop computer and the conferencing application (such as BlueJeans) will have to be configured to select and activate the video and audio capture devices which is not always the default device settings.  
    • The room lighting, background, and acoustic environment will impact conference quality. 
    • Participants should be told to mute audio capture devices when they are not speaking.

    Small Conference Room

    BlueJeans is often used in small conference rooms with great success. However, you will need to use external mics/speakers if the room is not outfitted with room audio visual equipment.

    Medium to Large Size Conference Room

    BlueJeans has been used in medium to large size conference rooms with mixed results. Results are heavily dependent on several factors.

    • Audio Visual equipment in room
    • Participant etiquette
    • Presentation vs meeting style video conferencing

    USB Headsets

    If one desires to conference in a noisier environment, such as an open office, it is highly recommended to use a USB headset.